What you are getting into…

Meng Lee, a second generation Chinese American, embarks upon a quest to find those responsible for his family’s murder. Orphaned at a very young age, he was sent to an orphanage in the outskirts of San Francisco and then to a family who kindly took the troubled youth in before expelling him from their lives forever. Without land or family, he wanders the West with his friend Paul and his dog Tucker, doing puppet shows while he seeks the Baron. Driven by persistent rage, he refuses to shed any more of the tears that earned him his nickname – Crybaby Lee.

The Baron is a mysterious figure who either knows something about the murder of Lee’s family or is the man responsible for it. Wealthy, connected, and elusive, the Baron is no easy mark. And Crybaby Lee is hot on his trail.

Is Crybaby Lee clever enough to trace the Baron’s whereabouts? Will he ever find the answers he seeks? Or will his lust for vengeance cloud his view?



Crybaby Lee contains material that may be offensive to those who are more sensitive. It contains slight nudity, violence, racism, and just outright cruelty. Similar to real life. The story is an exploration of the psyche of a man without a community and identity. To explore that, racism is used against the main character to illustrate to the reader the horrific abuse and feeling of isolation of someone who is different from the majority.


About the creator

Crybaby Lee is written and drawn by Grisso, who currently reluctantly resides in Portland, OR because he doesn’t know where else to go. You can view more of his work at enigmaticlabs.com and/or follow him on twitter or tumblr. That would be awesome if you did because Grisso is horrible at promoting himself and that would make it a lot easier for him. Grisso does not have a facebook page for Crybaby Lee or his art because facebook depresses him and he avoids it as much as he can.